HSShopify by Heated Sneaks

Current Build: v1.2.2




Easy to Use Interface

The brand new Heated Sneaks Shopify Bot features a brand new interface that is simple to follow and easy to understand for any user. 


Customer Support

No automated responses, no long wait times, just humans here to help you out with any of your issues. Our customer support team is always here to help and assist users in any way they can. Visit our contact us page to get in touch with our support team.


Free Updates

Users don't have to worry about paying for updates to the bot or interface, it's all included! Just pay the one time fee and you're in.


More Nations Supported than Ever Before

We now support the most nations outside of the US than we ever have before and we are looking to add even more soon! 


35+ Supported Shopify Sites

We support over 35 Shopify sites currently and we are adding many more soon!


Bonus Perks

Not only does the bot feature some incredible features, there are also many perks that come with bot including access to our brand new Discord group!



Add to Cart

The bot automatically adds products to your cart.


Keyword Finder

Bot is able to search out and find specific keywords to add to cart.


Proxy Support

The bot supports proxies from most major proxy providers.


Lightning Fast

The bot operates at incredibly fast speeds to ensure you have the best chance possible to cop your desired items. 


Infinite Tasks/Multithreaded

This bot is able to run an infinite amount of tasks and allows multiple threads at once. 


Restock Moniter

This bot is able to monitor and detect when a site has loaded more stock onto its page. 


Captcha Harvesting + Automation

HS Shopify includes (local) captcha harvesting for pre-solving captchas prior to drop! Also supports 2Captcha and Anticaptcha 3rd party automation.


AFK Support

HS Shopify includes a Task Timer which allows you to schedule your tasks to run automatically, even if you're away from your computer. Once the task is started, the entire process is automatic.


Quick Tasks

HSShopify includes a linked extension for your browser, that allows you to browse/shop online through your browser, and instantly export & start a quick task by clicking "Open in HS Shopify"!


Mac OSX & Windows OS Supported

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